Dont push us off to far or we will fall

Hello again everyone. Today i bring you a thing that parents think are good but in reality can push a autistic person deeper into insanity which is pushing them to be the next albert Einstein or Abe Lincoln  (little fun fact: both of them had autism). This is due to the stress you put on them because they will be so afraid of failing they may have a breakdown or quite or lose interest because of your to high of expectations. The trick to our hearts, minds and souls is to have a reasonable explanation and if they have say some good idea encourage it… Don’t  go crazy because if say it fails, well you crushed them in a deep pit cause even if you tell them you’re not disappointed, they will still think you are and well breakdown.

Sorry this entry wasnt longer, i have summer school and such… Please like, share, and comment an ideas and things you notice that you want up here and ill look into it and give you credit for it…. Have a great day


The hipacrites we call parents

So this post talks about not just how theres an “issue” (more of a blessing if you think of it) but the biggest issue maybe… YOU, THE PARENT! Some parents don’t get it now a days, that their actions have a reaction on the kids because in some ways we “copy” you! Surprising isn’t it? The thing is that say you do your work at home on the computer or say always on your phone, we will see that and be like (even if we know your working) “man i wonder whats so intriguing on there” and we will follow your foot steps. WAIT THERES MORE, so say we start to go on the web and say you tell us thatwe aren’t   allowed on the web cause there are “dangerous ” things on it, it will basically poking our curiosity (which btw is common in all humans, just some are more curious than others) and we will want to go on more and as you get progressively “hostile” to the web we may want to go on more! Which an interesting fact is that most parents don’t know is that we can tell you are desperate for us to get off showing you are weak making us want to go on more!

Heres the catcher though, theres several ways you can counter this. A. Reverse psychology, basically let then go on and eventually they will get bored of it and move on to something else (and they will go on once and a while but hay thats teens for you 😏). B. Use my early blog about “the playing cards’ of life”, were you use it to make both sides benefit. C. Don’t say  dangerous when describing the web cause it makes us curious, make it seem boring or something because we may end up not wanting to get on much due to the fact we think its boring.

So thats it everyone, i hoped you enjoyed this season of the world of the autistic kid, if you enjoyed like, if you have any better way that works for you bring it up, and please share this with everyone else! Have a great day.

Autism – Can diet help??

Thats great that others do this and such because if you dont take action immediately your child may be a “mute” for the rest of their lives and well never have much of a life. But even still a child can be successful no matter what…. Only that it could be slightly harder for them.

So i short help they develop and give them hope and you and them are gold…. Btw good for you. I see potential in your child 😀 never give up!

Earthly Habits Blog

Our daughter Kiara was diagnosed as “High-functioning, non-verbal” which basically meant she’s really intelligent but unable to communicate verbally.

After several years of speech and other therapies, we decided (after reading what families in the USA & UK experienced), to restrict gluten and, where possible, processed sugar from her diet.

Fast forward to today and Kiara has made amazing progress. She went from less than 1% verbal to about 60-70% verbal in a space of about 18 months.

After thousands of attempts, she now eats an entire plate of free-range chicken wings, grass-fed lamb cutlets and bowls of vegetable soup we make fresh at home.

Listen to my interview by The Good Doctors here for our whole story and more.

Having a quick chat with Kiki 🙂

Dancing with Kiki 🙂

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The types of us

*a side note before i begin, all this is through what I’ve noticed through my life of being with autistic kids (mostly between 7-16) and have token note of them. So this may not be the “super accurate” reference but rather a way to wrap your mind around us more and broaden the horizen. I hope you enjoy.

So I’ve encountered many autistic people in my years of life and couldn’t help but notice a weird patterns of the autistic realm that a common behavior forms….. Ive noticed 2 different sides of it in fact… They have no official name so lets call them type A and type B  (Of course these types are super general kinda like a monotheism and polytheism). So these types are different and some times can be hard to tell and some (like me) can be considered a mix (type c ( ill go over that another time though)). I’ll go over how to spot them and what they are/what they may do or act to you.

•type A: an “aggressive”  and possibly impulsive type.                                                       -they tend to be aggressive either pyshicaly or verbally and are often considered the very weirdo and person who you try to avoid or know as overly super competitive.                     -they can be pretty impulsive (which can also be responsible for their aggressiveness)

•type B: the “shy” and self-aware.                         -they tend to be shy and concealed and tend to not to prefer contact with others and will try to not talk to anyone even if its important.                       -they are often too self-aware (like me) and can cause them to be overly shy. This shyness can often be a burden than anything else because they are afraid they will screw up and will be made fun of due to it.

So this concludes this blog and I hope i gave you some advice that may help you later in the future, And if you think you have a new “type” or idea for a future blog tell me and ill look into it for you. I hope you a good day and see you later. 😃

“The playing cards” of life

I know how parents hate it when us teens (or even kids) stay on the computer and such. So what you do is give them say 30 mins in morning or night. ERRRNN INCORRECT!!!! What is do is use the computer/their hobby as a “playing card”. You use it as a treat so if they do say x, y, and z they get atleast 30 mins (try to stick with 30 minutes or more because its super annoying when its say 15 mins because you really cant do much in that time). The reason i use the term “playing cards. The reason i use the term “playing cards” is because thats almost exactly how you do it, like uno when you get a wild card you save it till u need it. The same principle works here execpt instead of uno it you and the autistic “person” (

If this strategy isn’t working for you tell me and i bet we can work on it (because especially autistic kids aren’t the same, meaning my strategy  may work on same 1/4 kids but some other may work better as an example).